Star Wars Vs Star Trek Essay

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Star wars vs Star Trek

Many have seen those avid fans that are so dedicated to Star Wars that they dress up in costumes while attending comic-book conventions. Then there are the "Trekkies" who are obsessed with Star Trek. What is the difference? Most would think they are the same. They both deliver the message that evil does not prevail. Several differences and similarities will be discussed in this essay, such as how Star Wars is more about fighting evil and Star Trek is more about keeping the peace throughout the universe.

Star Wars begins with a story setting that was revolutionary during its time with aliens, spaceships, and blasters. The characters deal with conflict with good versus evil. In the Star Wars trilogy, there is an underlying energy or "force" that brings one to either the light or dark side. The "Energy" relates to one choosing which path, good or evil. If a person is fortunate enough to experience the power or become a Jedi, they can conjure the power from either side. The "Force" parallels to
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Set in a futuristic time, the TV show is a science fiction, rather than science fantasy, military sci-fi. The primary objective of the Starfleet is to explore space and seek new worlds, "To boldly go where no one has gone before." (Jacob, "TNG: Opening Credits Monologue"). The government is stable. However, they come into contact with different races at war and try to promote peace (Jasuja et al., "Star Trek vs Star Wars"). A common theme for each episode is a moral message of right and wrong or in some cases in dealing with race relations or humanitarianism. Each episode may touch on something each of us can relate to, such as race relations, drugs, and alcohol, or aging (Banks, "Social Themes in Star Trek"). Star Trek is different from Star Wars, in that during each new exploration, the crew deals with a new or different
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