Starbucks Coffee Company Case Study

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Human Resource Issue in Starbucks Coffee Company
Starbucks Company is one of the greatest food shops across the globe. It gained entry into the market as an organization that participated in the sale of coffee. The organization has had tremendous progress in serving the people of the United States of America and the countries beyond. The history of the company shows the kind of struggle the company has gone through and the reason why they take pride in the position where they have reached today.
It started off with a single store in Seattle. It offered roasted beans coffee to the customers who had inhabited the area during that particular time (Forbes,2017). The chairman of the organization back in the 1990s was quite instrumental in making sure that progress was realized and that is the reason why the company has gained such a momentum and been ahead of the coffee houses in the United States of America.
Before the emergence of the company, Italian Coffeehouse was the talk of the town, and most of the people bought their coffee from it (Forbes,2017). Starbucks seeks to bring back the kind of coffee which was being produced by the company, and it has made a great stride in achieving the objective. One thing remains that the company has a great consumer base and it is imperative that they have a great human resource team (Forbes,2017). Notably, the coffee house dwells in not only coffee production but also some of the fast foods which are offered by companies

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