Starbucks Csr Analysis

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This essay is an analysis of corporate social responsibility of Starbucks Coffee company. Starbucks company, which operates retail shops to offer coffee and cups, was founded in 1971 in Seattle, United States. Nowadays, Corporate Social responsibility (CSR) can increase sales volume and brand awareness and image to lead companies to succeed in business. Therefore, CSR is important for many organizations and public. Starbucks has success to operate in CSR. There are various factors to affect the company succeeds of Starbucks in CSR. First of all, A company need development of a good brand image and responsibility into society. Company builds conscience of brand image is the most important in business. Starbucks is demand to provide high-quality…show more content…
Including farmer loans and forest conservation programs. When customers buy coffee, farmers can have a better future and more stable climate for the planet, and it helps create a long-term supply of the high-quality beans. Since, Starbuck paid a premium price to purchase farmers coffee beans, it is ensured fair transaction and safeguard farmer benefit. Regarding the principles for ethical sourcing, Conservation International has formulated a buying guidelines to address the issues. Called Coffee and Farmer Equity (C.A.F.E.) Practices, it helps farmers grow coffee bean better for people and the planet. Also, Starbucks aim their coffee certified or verified by an independent third party from 100%. Moreover, Starbucks is a fair trade to farmers and maintain high-quality coffee. It is development society and environment responsibility (Coffee Sourcing). Furthermore, in Starbucks website, we can find out many Corporate Social Responsibility annual reports. They are actively involved activities likes social and environmental. For example, for each year, they are encouraging Starbucks employees and customers to contribute more than one million hours of community services. The Starbucks Community Service Program including improving hiking trails, conducting park clean-ups in conjunction and mentoring students at an after-school program with local non-profit organizations. (Starbucks…show more content…
They are focused on their suppliers such as coffee beans farmers and customers. Starbucks through the fair transition to keeping coffee beans market position and provide high-quality coffee as well as a comfortable place to customers enjoy Starbucks’ coffee and food. Also, Starbucks has involved a lot of community activities, so they are created a long-term relationship with the community. Moreover, Starbucks also focus on environment development. Such as cycling activities and water Conservation. It shows Starbucks are responsibility company and ethics operation with CSR in
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