Starbucks Customer Perspective Analysis

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Customer perspective has three very important objectives to focus on which includes: Customer retention, customer satisfaction, and recruiting new customers. The first objective under Starbucks' customer perspective is to customer retention. "Customer retention is the single most important variable considering the growth of a company" (Boyce, 2015). Starbucks makes it easy for consumers to become loyal customers and remaining that way. One solution has been the creation of the Starbucks rewards programs that rewards customers with free drinks, discounts, and free merchandise. In order to accrue points customers, have to purchase a certain amount of drinks within a specific timeframe in addition to offering double points day and offering…show more content…
Starbucks has reported that currently they have over 60 million customers around the round that visit their retail shops but stand alone and also their franchise locations. The company would like to increase its target 5% or more for each quarter. It is important to attract new customers to increase revenue. In order for Starbucks to reach this goal, they are looking for creative initiatives to get the attention of new customers. In 2017 Starbucks decided to reach new customer by offering gift card promotions via Groupon which was only offered to selected individuals via Email. If you didn't receive an email you were not qualified to purchase the Groupon, which was a $10 gift card for $ 5. This invite only initiative was targeted at new customers and gave consumers the opportunity to try Starbucks without the commitment. company should be initiating new promotions like point systems that will lure customer for the next visit because they would like to use their point for a free…show more content…
Quality assurance is one of the most important objective of an internal perspective. Starbucks uses a system called attribute control system which measures quality characteristics on a discrete scoring scale for products and merchandise, the goal is to eliminate defects and error to below 5 %. Starbucks Baristas are given the tools and support to prevent errors instantly and providing customers with the highest level of products. However, there may be situations that are not resolved immediately and those issues are the areas of focus. Secondly, Starbucks believes that "Eating well is as important as living well" (Starbucks Nutrition, 2015). There are number of improvements Starbucks has implemented in order to serve the needs of their vast customers. For example, high fructose corn syrup, artificial Trans fats, flavor and dyes were removed from their snacks. In order to meet the needs of their customers they now also offer a variety of "Milk" products such as Coconut, Almond and Soy. They have also worked to establish relationships with organically grown coffee farmers and implemented an incentive program to build and strengthen their long-term relationships with their

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