Starbucks Environmental Analysis

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Company Environmental Responsibility and Health Management:
An Analysis of Starbucks

Around the world facing with different social problems, most developed countries and developing countries now experiencing the greatest difficulties are environmental conservation and human health. Different companies around the world make a profit as the goal, and advocate to fulfill their social responsibilities. One such example is Starbucks. Starbucks founded in 1971, is the world 's largest coffee chain. Today, it has more than 17,400 stores in sixty countries. Environmental issues of today could force the business community to take a longer-term view of all activities (Wanless, Derek 1994). Starting from the establishment year, Starbucks becomes an environmental
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On the other side, although some drinks such as Strawberry Cream Frappuccino had problems in the last few years, they are still focusing on food and beverage nutrition. Recently, Starbucks prepared a series of redesigning breakfast and lunch food to attract customers. They launched a new breakfast menu, and the new menu foods are more nutritious, low-calorie, also involves more protein and fiber. For example, the breakfast includes Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Bagel and lunch menu includes pulled pork and pod slaw salad (Gemma Bentley 2014). In this year 's Mid-Autumn Festival, Starbucks made reference to customer favorite drink, and brought four new flavors of Starbucks Mooncakes. The Mooncakes based on health topics. Mooncakes use Taoshan skin and white bean paste for making, and advocate less oil and less sweet of the Mooncakes. So, Starbucks Mooncakes are different from the traditional Mooncakes. In addition, Starbucks acquired Evolution Fresh in 2011. It is the Group 's first shop selling only fresh juices and snacks. This is to cater to people 's growing emphasis on healthy eating trend. They will offer some food such as fresh juices, salads and sandwiches to customers. They use high pressure pasteurization to make juice products, so it can assure fresh tasting and nutritious juices (BNP Media 2011). Above that Starbucks has stood the customer 's perspective for the sake of their health, they are also in environmental protection to dedicate to society. They…show more content…
They look upon as the first company which led to other companies to meet their environmental responsibilities. However, its acting style is not paying attention to the overall situation in some cases. They cannot be balanced interests and responsibilities. Starbucks did not take into account the felling of trees for damaging the tropical rain forest. When people burned over the land, the land can no longer grow other food. The move is also unreasonable and unwise. This behavior is definitely affecting the livelihood of the people and will destroy the social order of society. Furthermore, Starbucks did not carefully check the safety of food. Food security will seriously affect the health of the customer, and make the company reputation damage. However, if Starbucks is willing to pay more careful attention to the beverage and food materials, such as sugar content, it can avoid unnecessary complaints. Otherwise, customers have opportunities to recover damages. But, Starbucks also has a commendable place. For example, in environmental conservation, Starbucks avoids the use of precious wood to build a new store, but with recycled wood. In product design uses environmental resources, and tried to not harm the environment. Starbucks is an agency focus on food quality and environmental mission. If they can learn from past mistakes and find

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