Starbucks Growth Strategy Analysis

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Unit # Written Homework Assignment P-3-2 Starbucks has used three types of growth strategies, which are concentration strategy, vertical and the diversification strategy. Starbucks used the concentration strategy by renovating coffee, tea, juice, and bakery experience by serving cold/hot any time, and day. Starbucks also planned for year 2014-2015 to open 1,500 more stores “(new stores minus existing stores).” Starbucks used diversification growth strategy by serving alcohol and expanded its food menu to after 4 P.M. For the vertical strategy, Starbucks has partnered with square (the mobile payment), which allows customers to pay with their names. P3-3 Starbucks has few competitive advantages. For one, unlike Tim Horton that has stores only…show more content…
For instance, at some Starbucks store, a person can only earn points there but not claim their rewards. P3-6 A retail store manager might use forecasting (qualitative, quantitative) Quantitative: A store manager would check the previous year(s) revenue or sales data to determine the upcoming year sales. For example, a store manager would check the last year’s revenue for the holiday season to predict the upcoming holiday season’s sale data. Qualitative: In the case of Starbucks, the store manager would use qualitative forecasting by speaking to the baristas to determine customer’s behavior and requests to set goals for for the future. Budgeting: Starbucks it any other business retail manager could use budgeting as follows. A retail store manager would set a revenue budget to determine whether or not the store is making a profit or is it barley making ends meet. If the store is not making a profit or spending more than the budget that was set, then the store manager will need to find a way to cut expanse such reducing employees…show more content…
The manager would whether the competitor produced a new product or is working on a new project, and how is the project doing. Quantitative Forecasting: Find a new way to expand the market, which it can be done through numerous ways. It can be expand through renovating, producing a new product or buying out competition, etc. Budgeting: The regional manager would set a budget to determine what is needed to expand. Once that’s been done, the profit budget can be used to calculate the break-even analysis to determine or set a sales goals. Scheduling: The scheduling can be used to set tasks for employees and due date. Gannt chart can be used to keep track of the tasks development; whether it is on schedule, ahead of schedule or behind the schedule. Manager for Global Development: Quantitative Forecasting: Manager for global development would use qualitative forecasting to find what has changed in the environment over time. How a project is doing over time and has the quality of the project or the product

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