Starbucks Situation Analysis

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3. Current Marketing Situation Starbucks started with their business by selling coffee beans and now Starbucks Coffee Company is now become coffee retailer giants. The company consists of 10,000 coffee shops in more than thirty countries. Starbucks focus on developing the most recognised brand of coffee. Starbucks is utilizing effective marketing due to long term grow for company. The company is depending on retail expansion with innovation product and services to achieve their commitment. They will target the different kinds of market segments such as, consumer market segmentation and international market segmentation. Different ways are used to segment market depend on customer preferences and attitudes. For the consumer market segment,…show more content…
Geographical segmentation is based on the consumer’s location, so they need to divide their market into different countries, states and cities. Through the location, company can do more efforts on advertising, promotion, products, sales and services so they can know the individual needs. Demographic segmentation is depending on consumer age, gender, salary income, religion and jobs. With the information, company can come up with different kind of products. Psychographic segmentation is based on consumer social class, preferences and life styles. Company can get benefits from consumer’s psychographic outlook due to consumer enjoy with their products and services. Behaviour segmentation is depending on users’ knowledge and attitudes. Through the investigation, company can produce with certain products for each type of consumer. By the way, international market segmentation is almost similar with geographical segmentation but it include in economy, politic and legal. It helps company enter the markets with different marketing campaign that are suit to the…show more content…
The changing needs of the target audiences have powerful impact on the marketing strategy. Starbucks must adjust and change their marketing plan wisely especially when the audience change their requirements due to social, economic, or environmental issues. If not, Starbucks will run the company under the great risk of throwing away money on marketing campaigns that are not match with the customer’s needs. The next issues are budget. If there is no money to carry the plan through, then a great plan is worthless. The budget that run their company’s marketing is one of the most important factors in determines a marketing strategy working or not. The third issues that might affect a company’s marketing strategy and implementation are customer response. Consumer responses are the crucial point that entirely determines the marketing campaign success or not. If the speed of Starbucks monitor their each strategy, check the return on investment is too slow, they might need to change tactics or eliminate the entire effort. The forth issues are market research. Invasion of privacy and stereotyping are some ethical problems in market research. The latter occurs because any analysis of real populations needs to make approximations and place individuals into group. It can lead to a variety of ethically undesirable results if it did not conducted responsibly and conducted in stereotyping. The

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