Starbucks Operations Management Analysis

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Even though Starbucks is a strong organaization that is an example other competors refer to and look upon too, here are some tools that we recommend to support imporovement in Starbucks:
To boost the awareness of the great things Starbucks does for local communities: Many customers don’t know that Starbucks support local volunteering and anybody can find a community service project with Starbucks and they are many thing Starbucks does.
To Increase the length of time to spend in training new baristas. New baristas takes around day three to day five of training which isn’t reasonably enough.
To make time for coffee education together with coffee seminars including customers. It's a way to widen enthusiasm for the whole bean coffee wall is to
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Starbucks’ primary goal is to provide total customer satisfaction by affording a perfectly made coffee at reasonably affordable price. The company is well known for its efficient and effective way in controlling operations.
Starbucks Operations management
Two main points will be discussed here; material flow to explain how the beans flow from suppliers to Starbucks retail stores, and purchasing systems to explain the way Starbucks manages the purchase of large volumes in global market.

Material Flow
The process of selecting the finest quality of coffee beans starts from procuring the green or unroasted beans directly from the farms and then transport them to the storage points after being roasted and packaged. Beans are now ready to be sent to the distribution centers located across six continents, and managed by one centralized system. Some of these centers are owned by Starbucks and some are operated by other companies. To ensure high quality standards right from the point of selection of beans, Starbucks does not outsource its coffee procurement
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To ensure effectiveness and efficiency of the purchasing system, Starbucks has implemented many programs like line of fair trade products which offers three options for socially conscious coffee drinkers. Also, The company entered fixed price commitments to limit fluctuations of prices, and to develop new set of coffee sourcing guidelines, the company implemented preferred supplier program.
Supply Chain Analysis:
Businesses divide their supply chain activities into two categories: primary activities that are directly related to the creation of goods and services and support activities that helps the company to obtain competitive advantage and to enhance efficiency. In the following paragraphs, we will discuss in detail Starbucks’ supply chain activities, and how innovative technology could impact the operational efficiency.
Primary Activities:
Inbound Logistics
For a highly organized and efficient logistic system, distribution centers of Starbucks mange inventory by a modernized information system to better fulfill requirements of all stores.

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