Starbucks Performance Management

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INTRODUCTION Performance management Performance management is an important part of the company. Companies based on criteria set by the partner for evaluation, so that company manger can knows the performance of employees. Also make the partner aware of their position in the company, pragmatic to complete the work. Background of Starbucks Starbucks is the world’s largest multinational coffee chain. In 1971 in the United, States opened the first Starbucks. Began to sell only high-quality coffee beans and coffee equipment, and later sell coffee. Starbucks employees are often envious of having a good boss because Starbucks respect for the employees. How does Starbucks evaluate employee performance so that employees have a sense of belonging and…show more content…
Starbucks specifically staffs star skills to enable employees to maintain and enhance their self-esteem, learn to listen to other people’s ideas and seek assistance when appropriate, so that staff can work together and have the confidence to communicate with customers. Relationship between strategy, policy and procedure Strategy, policy and procedure are integral to Starbucks, and the strategy is to help Starbucks make long-term plans. The policy is to plan to accomplish the goal. The procedure is the process of action. Starbucks is about to achieve its goals in performance management, but also to meet the company’s long-term performance. In order to avoid Starbucks in the process of mistakes, so rely on the procedure responsible for ensuring that there is no conflict between the strategy and policy, so that every action Starbucks can proceed smoothly Human Resource Cycle  Recruitment & Selection  Starbucks will be based on the existing staff of the generous conditions to develop employment requirements and selection criteria. Starbucks will require that candidates be polite, have the potential to provide customers with quality service, to ensure that the basic performance of the service. The Starbucks selection criteria will hope candidates have a strong learning ability and can continue to learn in the workplace as their current employees…show more content…
The training set up by performance management empowers staff to understand their strengths and weaknesses, know what job responsibilities they are fit for, and find a company-specific position such as a cleaner, cashier or referee who serves Starbucks in a different role.  Reward management  The assessment reports will allow Starbucks to reward employees for their performance, so that employees feel that they are valued by Starbucks paid the time and effort is worth it. After giving the reward, employees have a sense of belonging to Starbucks and therefore work more earnestly and the morale of the employees is improved.  Career management  Performance management is to identify the employee’s ability to work and to arrange each employee’s job. For example, Starbucks will consider outstanding performance promotion opportunities for employees, therefore the contents of the assessment report is to determine the development of staff’s career, determine the future position of employees in the company.
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