Starbucks Social Activism Paper

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The Environmental Social activism Starbucks achieves makes it one of the most environmentally friendly and conscience companies in the world. Some of the involvement the company does is supporting coffee, tea, and cocoa communities around the world. Starbucks commitment to communities extends beyond their stores to include the regions that supply Starbucks coffee, tea, and cocoa (Starak, 2). The company actively invests in programs designed to strengthen local economic and social development. For example, the projects include improving access to education and agricultural training, and managing finances, improving one’s health, and nutrition and water quality (Starak, 2). Another way Starbucks does environmental social activism is by getting access to clean water in communities where clean water is not feasible to get so they created Ethos water as a social venture startup with the sole purpose of providing people in developing countries with access to clean water (Marzilli, 3). In order to get clean water to these communities…show more content…
In addition, the Company having a free beverage policy, which is just one example of how Starbucks can rise above the crowd and goes from average to good to even great (Starak, 3). The positive anecdote about a Starbucks Coffee Company is it is circulating around society add ups to one of the most powerful forces and creates goodwill and positive branding (Tepper, 3). In this mind how the Starbucks Coffee Company “profited” is always being in the social eye as an ethical company that cares about the earth, people, customers, products, and customer service model that keeps long term customers always coming back for more great coffee. All of these factors have made Starbucks one of the most profited and ethical companies in the 21st
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