Starbucks Statement Of Purpose

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The Statement of Purpose
All applicants to the Cornell University Graduate School must submit a Statement of Purpose essay. This is a one- or two-page statement which indicates your reasons for undertaking graduate work and explains your academic interests, including their relation to your undergraduate study and professional goals.

To succeed my family business, KOBEYA to another next 100 years, I have 2 goals at MMH; learning global marketing and corporate identity properly toward the global world.
During my college life, I comprehend how important to respect cultural difference. Majored in Linguistic, I realized that language itself brings us not only to communicate each other, but also to understand culture difference. Taking several
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At that time, Starbucks in Japan was still a new company, but it has been sharply expanding their market. I was simply fascinated in how it adapted to Japanese market. Also, coffee market in Kyoto is quite competitive because traditionally local coffee shops established unshakable position. Despite the advantage of the well-known brand, my branch was in severe condition. Therefore, as an assistant manager of the store, I focused on its philosophy, “Starbucks experience and third place” (relaxed place instead of home and workplace). To deepen customers understandings of Starbucks’ high quality beans and services, customers need to be experienced the brand, so I held monthly coffee seminar toward local customers to teach basic knowledge of coffee and demonstrate how to brew coffee at home. As a result, they gradually became loyal customers with understanding philosophy. In a year, my stores became the second out of 800 whole Japanese Starbucks in the result of beans sales.
In addition, the brand experience also causes employees’ loyalty. Starbucks gave me abundant materials and training and allowed me to hold the seminar. These were so helpful that I effectively understood Starbucks’ philosophy. However, most importantly, the high employees’ comprehension toward the philosophy controls their direction where the company aims at. Starbucks had a strong and well-standardized brand identity by
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To capture the attention of new generation, we must use social media to raise our brand images.これとglobalizeとの関係は? When I visited Cornel and attended Professor Robert Kwortnik’s Marketing class as a perspective student, I attracted by the content that was the case of using the Internet advertising. The topic is literally the urgent issue of my company. KOBEYA’s strength, which is high quality should be spread on public from customers’ perspectives. Unfortunately, KOBEYA still seeking a proper way to use it. Consequently, the marketing concentration meets my contents that I have to learn for running my

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