Starbucks Globalization Strategy

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Starbucks has strong market position and brand awareness make the company gain a significant competitive advantage in further expanding the international market and contribute to the growth of domestic and foreign markets.
Strategy is a balanced problem, sometimes difficult (Allard, 2004). Ultimately, the strategy is about making a choice, the company will succeed if chose a unique strategic location which is different from the position of each competitor (Markides, 2000). One of the key strategies pursued by Starbucks since its inception was product differentiation, providing differentiated products such as premium product mix, location, coffee beverage reputation and the highest customer service, transformed into a high-value brand for competition
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Global change will need to open up more of the diversity of leadership in many strategic decisions in the global decision-making process, as well as the development of a global (Ardichvili et. al, 2017). Sales of existing products in existing markets, for example, Starbucks has started writing a customer name on a coffee cup. The purpose of this is to increase customer satisfaction and increase sales. The coffee shop market is too full because the market penetration strategy is growing significantly and the benefits of market penetration are often short-term.

c) Product Development
One of the first steps in the organization that is carrying out the process of cultural change is to allow managers to take the time to review strategies and explore alternatives (Wilson, 2005). The need to determine the development of new products and services will lead to increased sales of the organization. Starbucks intends to increase sales by moving new products into an existing market. An example of this would be Starbucks introducing a new premium coffee made with rare and exclusive beans.

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Starbucks can launch a strategic business unit specializing in tea. The introduction of tea will belong to the "question mark" category, the market share is low, but the business growth rate is higher. If introduce more tea products, this product may even turn to the "star" class, then add "cash cow". While the BCG matrix allows us to understand the location of a product or service, it has faced some criticism, such as the fact that it is not always possible to determine whether the industry is

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