Starbucks Strengths And Weaknesses

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• Starbucks is the most familiar brand in the specialty coffee business and has excellent customer service.
• Starbucks Company is an extremely profitable business, earning in excess of $600 million in 2004 and generated revenue of more than $5000 million in the same year.
• In almost 60 countries they operate its 20000 cafes and make the biggest coffeehouse chain in the world.
Starbucks offers its employees wide variety of benefits they focuses on product innovation, and leverages its digital payment/advertising capabilities and customer loyalty programs.
• Starbucks delivers to its customers with completely blended coffee, premium music, friendly staff and warm atmosphere, which results in unique customer service. • Starbucks deliver great coffee and customer experience to their customer but in high prices of its product and in comparison, McCafe premium coffee was offer lower price than Starbucks coffee and customers could simply switch to lower priced alternatives in times of financial suffering.
• Starbucks has a standing for new product development and creativity. On the other hand, they remain feeble to the opportunity that their innovation may hesitate over time.
• Starbucks coffee prices depend on the price of coffee bean and cannot be controlled by the star bucks. Due to dissemble funds, Starbucks cannot approximate the price of its coffee and company’s profitability.
• Starbucks heavily depends on its high quality coffee brand upon which

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