Starbucks Vision Analysis

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Starbucks has successfully remodelled from its ordinary delivery of coffee into cultural uniqueness. Under Howard Schultz leadership’s practices, Starbucks brand has been positioned in the market as a high quality customer experience brand. Further to Starbucks rapidly expanding since 2008, it has achieved an average of 5 stores opened daily. In 2008, there are 16,680 stores and reached about 24,000 store by 2015 (Starbucks Annual Report, 2008, 2015). With the higher expansion, Starbuck should be more careful on the expansion strategies to prevent losing its experience or soul of business again as detected in 2007 by Schultz. One of the greatest challenges is to maintain the quality experience to build on the relationships between its…show more content…
A vision is a guiding concept for organization look close to the unknown to define the future. This is includes current facts, hopes, dreams, threats and opportunities (Ozdem, 2011). The idea of the vision statements is to help organization to plan their future events, be ready for changes and innovations to suit customer demands and improve employee efficiency. 5.2 MISSION Starbucks’ mission statement is “to inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup, and one neighbourhood at a time” (Starbucks Mission, 2016b). Mission usually reflects a clear, concise, and intense in outlining what is the organization purpose is and is related to organization primary objectives (Ozdem, 2011). Its main function is to define the key measurement of organizational success, whereas leadership team, the employees, and stakeholders will be the prime audience (Calder,…show more content…
Goals create organization expects to accomplish within a specific period of time to achieve the mission, make the vision a reality, and navigate the course of business (Howard, & Jaffee (2013). The quantify results and timeliness of accomplishing goals used to evaluate the performance and progress of overall business. Howard Schultz has manifested vision statement in the continuing global expansion of the business through new cafes opened while remain intact Starbucks the values and guiding principles. Starbucks had now has about 24,000 cafes location around the world (Starbucks Annual Report, 2015). The innovative stores remained a Third Place further elevated the store experience by incorporating local flavours, adhering to environmental standard, and creating stunning new designs to achieve its mission. 6.0 STARBUCKS INNOVATION AND

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