Starcrossed By Romeo And Juliet Analysis

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The great plays of William Shakespeare have been a part of society ever since the first performances in Stratford-upon-Avon in the late 1500s. Over the past centuries, his stories have been interpreted differently through art forms such as music or film. His bountiful plays and poetry are full with complex themes connecting to humanity which artists have interpreted differently. One of his most famous plays Romeo and Juliet explores the theme of breaking tradition and the damage it causes. In the past decade especially, this story has been immersed into current culture through the song “Love Story” by Taylor Swift and “Starcrossed” by Ash, each showing a different, but not completely wrong, message from this classic love story. But, not only…show more content…
This song never names Juliet or Romeo and instead shows understandings of the trials and problems the two lovers faced in their relationship unlike Swift’s song. A major part of the original Shakespeare script was the frequent internal and external conflict of whether to choose safety or accept fate’s plan. If they accept fate’s plans, their desire to be together will overrule their family boundaries, leading to consequences. Ash shows the internal conflict they are facing through the lyrics, “The forces tearing us apart but reality, as it seems looking back, is that our dream was fated from the start.” (Ash) Diction in this quote is critical in supporting the themes he is trying to show. The use of the words “reality” and “fate” confirm how fate decided that they would be together while in reality, it doesn’t work out as well due to outside conflicts, like their families. Ash also acknowledges the danger that is present within their love through the quote,“At this time now it’s far too late the poison’s in our veins it’s true you know that I’d die for you” (Ash) As he implies, Romeo and Juliet does not have a happy ending, a deadly one to be exact. Murders, suicides and betrayal are major parts of this tragic play. Ash addresses that perfectly. Romeo and Juliet were fated to die from the beginning and he supports the disastrous ending through this quote by explaining the figurative and literal meaning of “poison”. Literally, Romeo kills himself using poison. Figuratively, their families lead them down a path where intertwining with the other side would have bad consequences, like sipping poison would. Additionally, fate poisoned their future by giving them one where they would be together, and in this case, dead together. Ash uses the story of Romeo and Juliet to portray the message that actions have consequences and by doing so, he remains loyal to this theme that is
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