Starcrossed In Love In William Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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For many centuries loved has been defined as many things like as a bad thing or the best thing that can ever happen to a human being depending on the experience and can be defined by different people this is one of the definitions of love: true love is putting someone else 's needs before your own and to want what is best for them. The story of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet are two starcrossed lovers both their families are similar in pride and in Social status but both Romeo and Juliet took their life.Romeo died because he couldn’t deal with the death of Juliet but are Romeo and Juliet truly in love? Some would say that they died for each other they couldn’t deal with the thought of losing each other. Do you think Romeo and Juliet…show more content…
Love and lust two different Dr.Judith Orloff is the definition she explained is “pure lust is based solely on physical attraction and fantasy and often dissipates”and Love defined by researchers suggests “the feeling of intimacy, emotional connection and closeness is central to all types of love.” .Romeo and Juliet are not really in love both Romeo and Juliet show only a physical attraction rather than an emotional connection that can only be found by truly getting to know one another and takes time. Romeo and Juliet act towards each other that can only be described as lust not love. The reason why they are not in love is that Romeo was already in love with her before he
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