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Sea stars, or starfish, are famous for their healing powers (they can regrow their own amputated limbs!) and their central disc. Today, they're at the center of "the largest wildlife die-off ever recorded" -- some populations have disappeared by 95 percent -- and scientists are racing to save them. It's a Starfish Catastrophe American scientists recently met in Seattle, reports King 5 News, to discuss this truly catastrophic event where millions of sea stars have died. We should all be concerned about this historic die-off. Sea stars do more than just decorate our oceans. They are predators and a…show more content…
There have been three major waves of the disease: the 1972 plague, the 1978 plague and the 2013 plague. 3. Warmer Temperatures: It's no secret that our planet is warming up, and it's progressively getting hotter every year. Unfortunately, there's very compelling evidence to support that more starfish die in warmer temperatures. Drew Harvell, a biologist at Cornell University, explains the link this way: "There are components that certainly track with temperature... We think the magnitude in our wasters is due to temperature. We know that under warmer conditions, they die

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