Starfish Reflection

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Lesson 1 Lesson summary and focus: During this lesson, I will be reading the story Starfish by Robin Brickman while the students are following along. Once the story is completed, students will use the illustrations and detail throughout the story to describe the characters, setting, or events. Students will be asked questions to help enhance their understanding of the story to determine the characters, setting, and events of the story. Students will be able to use collaborative groups to help each other better understand the material. The focus of my lesson will be having the students describe the charters (Sunflower, Basket star, and mud star), the setting (sea), and the major events they encountered in Robin Brickman’ starfish. Classroom…show more content…
I will introduce the book, Starfish by Robin Brickman to them. They will all get a copy of the story. We will read the story together, twice. The first time we will read the story all the way through. The second time we will break the story up. This will give me a chance to ask the students important questions regarding the characters, setting and the event of the story. Learning and teaching activities The first activities will be during the large group discussion. It will consist of me asking the students challenging questions about the story. These questions will lead them to identify the characters, setting and the event of the story. I will highlight the key detail words describing the characters, setting and the event of the story. This assignment will take about two…show more content…
This assignment consists of four true and false questions, one writes your own sentence, and five fill in the black. This assignment will take about an hour to complete. The third activity will be a small discussion group. This activity will consist of students sharing ideas and completing a group project. This assignment will take about three hours to complete. The fourth activity will be a large discussion group. This is where I will pass back everyone’s individual assignment. I will have students ask questions about the problems they had gotten wrong and provide them with positive and correct feedback. This section will be an hour long to complete. The fifth activity will be an individual activity. Each student will have to quietly sit at their desk and take a final exam. This will take 30 minutes to an hour to complete. Formative assessment: I will be providing students with a quiz. I will grade the quiz as the finish it during individual work and during small discussion groups. This will allow me to measure the students’ knowledge and understanding of the material. I will go over the correct answers during our wrap up activate. This will allow the student to get closer to mastering the material. Key Vocabulary: 1. Basket star 2. Mudfish 3. Sunflower
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