The Starfish Souls: A Short Story

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The Starfish Souls

The lighthouse laid right on the beach. It was a rusty structure with chipped and faded paint. The spiral staircase had a world of cobwebs around it and a layer of dust covered everything. The evil wizard Zorag lived on the top floor. He was an old, grumpy and cold hearted man who loved nothing more than to make the lives of others miserable. The wrinkles on the crank’s face made it look as if it was melting. His eyes were sunken into their sockets and the crows feet were etched deep into their corners. The long, grey hair on his head and chin were straggly. He also had a big, bushy mustache along with thick, unruly eyebrows. He wore a large, pale blue cape with silver, decorative embroidery over his dingy white shirt and long navy blue pants.

He kept an unusual tank of the most beautiful starfish on one side of the room. Everyday, the crusty old man sat in his
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He heard the footsteps, rapid footsteps, coming around the corner. The moment Zorag saw the woman’s face, he felt a chill run through his body. She was a beautiful woman with long luscious brown hair. Her blue eyes were as brilliant as the ocean and sparkled like sapphires in the sun. She had fair skin and freckles lined the underneath of her eyes and her nose. She was the spitting image of his deceased wife.

Wizard Zorag’s wife died many years ago due to a drowning accident. She was swimming on the beach by the lighthouse and was hit in the head by a starfish that someone had thrown, was knocked unconscious and drowned. That is why now, he is always grumpy and depressed and put his souls into starfish underwater.

Zorag was drawn to the woman, he felt a flame inside of his heart and instead of taking her soul, he walked down the spiral staircase and outside to greet her. For 50 years, he had been cooped up in the lighthouse until that day, the first time he had left in a very long

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