Stargirl And Wonder: An Analysis

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Stargirl and Wonder are two different books about being accepted in modern day society. Stargirl is about a highschool girl who is unique and “different” and shows it with clothes and accessory choice. Wonder however, is about a boy who has unfortunate facial deformities. But, in both novels, the author is trying to teach us that everything isn’t always on the outside, and sometimes, you have to look beneath their outward appearance.
In Stargirl, Jerry Spinelli shows us that what you perceive on the outside, isn’t always what is on the inside. The protagonist, Stargirl Caraway dresses strangely and outdated by a century, carries a ukelele and her pet rat, Cinnamon around school and her community, Mica, Arizona. This makes her seem crazy, but really, on the inside, she’s a kind, loving and sensitive average teen human being. No one knows this because they don’t care enough to look beneath the long, cuffed dresses, the rat and the ukulele. Except for Dori Dilson and Leo. Leo fell in love with Stargirl, not because she was open to changing her whole personality and life, but because of her genuine, sweet personality. Dori became friends with her for some of the same reasons. It’s obvious what the author is trying to teach us; Whatever is on the
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Palacio teaches us that what you look like on the outside isn’t to reflect on what is on the outside. The protagonist, Auggie Pullman is a new 5th grade student at Beecher Prep with unfavorable medical alement were his face is a bit “messed up” or “weird”. Everyone at his new school bullies him and get creeped out by his face, except for a few people named Summer, Jack and eventually, other people, too like Charlotte, Amos, and Maya. And those few people who don’t bully him know how funny, sensitive, ordinary and wonderful he is. Once again, what the author is trying to teach us is clear; It doesn’t matter about what your face looks like or what disabilities you have, the right people will look deeper than
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