Stargirl By Susan Caraway

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Have you ever tried to fit in for someone else? That is exactly why Susan Caraway did. The novel Stargirl is about a cheerful, free spirited girl. Her name is Susan, but she is referred to as Stargirl throughout the novel. Stargirl is sixteen years old, and has been homeschooled all her life. Her social skills weren't exactly up to date. Suddenly, she got enrolled in Mica Area High. During her time at Mica Area High she wasn’t accepted by the other students. Her boyfriend Leo Borlock even convinces her to change to try to fit in. In my opinion, she shouldn't have changed herself, I think she would be happy staying true to herself.

Stargirl Caraway has a pet rat, sings happy birthday to people with her ukulele, and wears dresses so long it covers her shoes. Stargirl is definitely a unique person, she's like nothing they’ve ever seen. Her boyfriend, Leo Borlock convinces her she should try to fit in because they are in a world of “them”. Although, when Stargirl change she isn’t happy. Stargirl even has a happy wagon to track her happiness, she puts a pebble in every time she is happy, and takes one out every time she is sad. The happy wagon proves she was happier being herself, “ ‘What’s the biggest number of pebbles ever in the the wagon?’ She gave me a sly grin. ‘Your looking at it’.” That was when she …show more content…

Why would you change yourself for someone else? When she was herself she wasn’t happy, “ I ducked into her room to check out her happy wagon. There were only two stones in it” That was when she changed herself to Susan Caraway, she wasn't happy when she changed. When she was being herself she had seventeen pebbles in her happy wagon, when she changed to Susan she only had two pebbles. Her happy wagon proves that she was happier being herself. If she would have stayed true to herself, she could have been happy at Mica Area High. Stargirl thought she needed to change to be happy, but she didn’t need

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