Stargirl Case Study

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Stargirl was a new 10th grader at Mica High School. Attending Mica High was a new experience for Stargirl, since she was homeschooled before. Startgirl had her own sense of style that was different from the other students at Mica High. She wore dresses that covered her shoes and tights with lady bug and the sun printed on the fabric. Her personality was like the sun on her tights, she was friendly and looks on the bright side of things. Stargirl was special and this made her stand out at Mica High. The other students thought she was weird. Although the students thought Stargirl was weird, she did not change to fit in with other students. She liked spreading good cheer. Stargirl enjoyed playing the ukulele. After eating her lunch Stargirl would get up and play her ukulele and started to sing to whomever had a birthday that day. She left gifts on desks in her homeroom. Stargirl’s behavior was very unusual for the other students and they were not friendly and nice to her, but this did not keep her from being herself. The other students found Stargirl’s behavior suspicious. They believe the school’s administration placed Stargirl among them to get them to be more involved.…show more content…
Stargirl did a very good job cheering and she was invited to become a cheerleader. She was the best cheerleader on the squad and she became popular. The other students started to be nicer to Stargirl, but she lost her popularity. Stargirl was kind and cheered with excitement, which the students of her school liked. However, when she cheered for the other team they became upset with her and turned against her. Everyone stopped speaking to her except her loyal friend and Leo. It did not help Stargirl when the students heard her singing her own words to the pledge of allegiance. They shunned
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