Starr Knights Book Report

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At the beginning of the story there was an un ordinary mom named Starr knight, she was one to wear glossy make up and brand name clothes. Until her husband found her wearing baggy clothes and murdered in a tangle of kudzu. That 's how the beginning of the book started with mistrys. Everyone shocked with this murder was wondering how they were going to tell starr knights kinds that their mother has passed away. So when it came to the time they had to tell the kids about their mother, they decided to lie about it instead of telling them their mother was murdered. They told them that their mother was going to be one vacation for a very very very long time and had know idea when she would return. Because they didn 't know how to explain to her 5 and 7 year old sons…show more content…
The next murder was a woman named Cathy. Cathy was the only person that kept starr knight in line, and helped her through every problem she went through no matter how bad it was to find the solution. Cathy probably only did this because she was starr knights mother. That’s the next evidence. The most recent characters found out the next evidence was that it looked like the murder was going in a family line from his/her murdered victims, that they knew of anyways. The next thing that had happened was starr knight 's son trevor had went missing. As you can tell this is going on in the same pattern evidence. Called “the family line of Cathy/Starr knight”. But now they are rethinking starrs murder because when starr died she was in her truck. They were thinking that maybe she got into an accident on her way to wherever she was heading to. But they still did not understand her clothes that 's why they are not sure about how starr died. Was it murder? Or was it a car accident? The next evidence was the bones. Evelyn 's maid had told her that starr knights murder was no accident. She was beaten to death. Her arms, legs, back, and neck were broken, “must of been a madman” said the maid. Another death was ms.
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