Stars And Bars Research Paper

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“Stars and Bars” The confederate flag’s “Stars and Bars” means little to some, heritage for a few, but to others it is a symbol of racism. Confederacy is a part of our country’s history and should be preserved respectably. Recent shootings have brought attention to the Confederate war flag regarding the racist connotation it has towards a percentage of American citizens. When we see the flag flown by individuals we automatically assume that they are racist. Given the symbolic nature of the flag we have means to assume this, though we don’t take into consideration other options like a southern heritage. Numerous citizens would say the flag is disrespectful towards the American flag due to the same design elements it possesses. Media attention has shown the flag is being used recklessly, forgetting those individuals it taunts and hurts. For example,…show more content…
Corinne Segal states that “ The original ‘Stars and Bars,’ had three horizontal stripes, two red and one white, and a blue box containing white stars in the upper left hand corner. That flag caused confusion on the battlefield for its close resemblance to the Union flag.” Some will claim that the Confederate flag resembles the American Flag too closely, but their argument becomes invalid if you examine the Union War Flag in comparison to the Confederate flag.. According to the Union Flag has always closely resembled the American Flag with it’s “Stars and Stripes” design with red and white stripes, and a variety of star patterns. After confusion on the battlefield the original “Stars and Bars” were changed to the design we commonly see today.If set side by side, the Confederate flag strays far from the design of the American flag while still holding the recognizable elements of our nation’s flag. Our problem isn’t necessarily with the flag’s design being “disrespectful, but rather the meaning and symbol it
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