Starship Troopers Character Analysis

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A True Leader Would you believe that two men, both young, eager, and promising fighters could be so different? Johnny, who was a futuristic character in Robert A. Heinlein’s book Starship Troopers, against his parent’s wishes, joined the MI, Mobile Infantry, at age eighteen because his best friend Carl decided to enlist. The rigor of Boot camp forced Johnny to consider if he doubtlessly desired to be an MI. However, he conquered Boot camp with the conclusion that he did long to be a MI. he worked hard and protected his fellow MIs at whatever cost. He resolved to go career and helped fight in numerous battles in the bug war. Anakin Skywalker, however, in the Star Wars prequel movies by George Lucas, lived as a slave with his mother until he won a race that his Jedi friend, who needed parts for their ship, asked him to compete in. They struck a deal with Anakin’s owner, who also could sell them parts to repair their broken ship, that if Anakin won the…show more content…
Previously Anakin abided as a slave but he obtained his freedom winning a pod race. Throughout the race, the other competitors cheated and even attempted to harm young Ani. Ani had to not only beat all the competitors but also defend himself from their foul play. In the end, he did succeed in winning the race and gaining his freedom, showing his persistence. While both of these young men overcame obstacles they differ in what obstacles they overcame. They both also differ in the loyalty they exhibited. Johnny was loyal to his friends. “You don’t walk away on another cap trooper, not while there’s a chance he’s still alive---not in Rasczak’s Roughnecks” (Heinlein 23). Johnny, as part of the Mobile Infantry, would give his life for his fellow MI’s. In his section, Rasczak’s Roughnecks, he remained loyal to his friends. He protected them and loved them. He risked being left behind on enemy territory in order to save his friend showing he truly was loyal to his
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