Starship Troopers

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Set in the distant future, “Starship Troopers” is a 1997 movie based off of a 1959 Robert Heinlein novel. The movie tells the story of Johnny Rico, a recent high school grad, who joins an intergalactic military known as the Mobile Infantry. For many of the soldiers, military service is the easiest path to citizenship in the Federation, which grants one the rights to vote and have children. As Johnny Rico works his way up through the ranks in the Mobile Infantry; an alien bug species attacks planet earth with an asteroid, then soon finds himself halfway across the galaxy. This paper will cover the movies technology architecture for traversing the galaxy to fight an alien race of bugs. The primary stakeholders of the movies architecture are…show more content…
The entire space station surrounds the moon and is used as both a Training & Command Center and for planetary defense. It also works in tandem with a base located on the moon; used for support functions. When the departing for deep space, the Interstellar Starship will collect troops, materials, and smaller craft for transport from the MOSS. Once the MOSS is built into the orbit of the moon it will not require thrust or engines of any kind. Although, the life support systems are a critical factor for sustaining the MOSS. Along with the basic necessities of food and oxygen; It will be required to have a gravity compensator to convert the moons gravity into the earth equivalent. The station will be staffed by a full time crew of a few thousand personal to keep all systems operating…show more content…
Its first job is to fly the Troop Drop ships, Fighters and personnel to other planets. As it approaches enemy planets, it will slow down using it own Variable Specific Impulse Magnetoplasma Rocket (VASIMR) engines to establish a low orbit above the planned battlefield. As the Starship is braking, it will also collect military intelligence to pass along to the invasion force. It 's secondary jobs are to provide military support, communications, and airpower during the battle. The VASIMR 's engines that power the Starship use plasma confined and shaped by high-temperature superconducting magnets. The plasma is guided through a rocket chamber formed by a magnetic field and further heated by RF waves. The four VASIMR engines make it possible to travel at Faster than Light (FTL) speeds. Thus making the travel time reduced and less need for long duration life support systems. An artificial gravity will be required and created using a simulated gravity machine located in the center of the ship. After the battle has completed all Troop drop ships and fighters will re-docked with the Starship, then will transit back to a secure space
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