Starting And Ending School Later In The Day

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Starting and ending school later in the day is a topic that teenagers, parents, and teachers have argued over for some time. Most teenagers complain that they can 't concentrate in class for falling asleep because of how early they are forced to wake up in the mornings. Many parents complain that students going any later would interfere with their work schedules, and most teachers, although they would love extra sleep in the mornings, have families and responsibilities at home to tend to and can 't be kept at school all day. As a teenager, personally, although I 'd love to sleep in every morning, think that going to school later and coming home later just isn 't a good idea. When I say that it isn 't a good idea, I am considering all the kids who work, play sports or attend other extracurricular activities, etc. For example, let 's say school started at nine o ' clock instead of eight. Instead of ending at three, school wouldn 't end until four, meaning any practices would also be…show more content…
As well as effecting teenagers home lives, it would effect those of the teachers greatly as well. Teachers already stay after school sometimes for two hours or more preparing for the rest of the school week. If we were released even at four, just one hour later than we are now, they may not be home until six or later. Those teachers with children would find this next to impossible. They need to be home to pick up their children and take them to any activities they may have, cook dinner, tidy the house, prepare for work the next day, and to just be a parent. Some teachers even attend things such as workout classes at local Community Centers, book clubs, or other club meetings, etc. Things that would all have to be cancelled or attended at later times due to their need to be at home and the new obligation of working later. The parents of the teenagers staying in school later would also be effected by now having to change their own schedules to fit around those of
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