Starting School Later

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Does school really start at the healthiest time? School start times should be later because it will benefit the students starting school later does not only have negative affects there are pros and cons to starting school later, why schools shouldn’t start later, and why school should start later. This argument is going to show why schools should start later, it is also going to school that starting schools later is beneficial for the students and for the teachers. People assume that starting school later only has negative effects on the students but there are pros and cons to starting school later. Some of the pros include: helping students natural sleep rhythms, improving academic performance, reducing the likelihood teens will need caffeine through the…show more content…
Some of the health issues that can come from school starting so early would be “chronic, systemic, and prevalent sleep loss.” (WJ) Starting school later could even reduce the amount of time a students is home alone, if they go to school later in the day by the time they get home they might have a parent of guardian already home. Some of the cons include: effects extracurricular activities, and students may stay up later, given they wake up later. Extracurricular activities would have to start later and that means they would end later so when the student got home it would be late and they would have to do their homework and get ready for bed. Some students may even stay up later because they know they have some time to sleep in in the mornings which would make it so they won’t get the amount of sleep they need. Some people think that starting school later could have a negative affect and think that it is not a healthy choice to make. They think that starting school later will have a negative effect on their sleeping schedules because they will stay up later because they get to sleep in and
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