Starvation In Jamestown

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While boarding a ship bound for the Jamestown colony people were full of false hope. When they arrived, they were greeted with death and despair. In 1607 a group of 100 men sailed across the Atlantic in search of riches. They landed in Chesapeake Bay. 110 men then started the first successful colony, Jamestown. By the end of the year only 40men survived.Why did so many colonists die in Jamestown? People died in Jamestown because of starvation, disease, and finally their poor relationship with the local Powhatans. Starvation was detrimental to Jamestown. In DOC.B it shows that there was a constant drought from 1609-1610. This time period was known as the starvation times. Because of the drought they did not have fertile soil and rain which is needed to grow crops. In DOC.C you can see that the among the colonists were 47 gentlemen(a person of wealth who…show more content…
The Powhatans were jnot fond of the colonists for good reason. For example in DOC. D some of the men use “harsh” methods to get the indians to give them food. The “harsh” methods happened to include the beheading of two indias. In DOC.E you can see just how many conflicts the two groups had. If the colonists would have been kind to the indians and then asked for help the indians may have helped the colonists learn how to plant crops and get a fresh supply of water which in the end would have led to very few casualties for the colonists. Although to survive you definitely had to have made tough decisions, In the end Jamestown was successful.The colonists had no idea what they were going into upon arrival in Jamestown, and many died. Why did so many of the Jamestown colonists die? In the end the cause of death for many colonists was starvation,disease, and their unstable relationship with the Powhatans, but because of those who survived the creation of America was made
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