Starwood Case Study

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1) Should Starwood maintain a cooperative orientation or a competitive orientation with its suppliers for the kind of items described here? An organisation that deals in sourcing can’t avoid dealing with other companies dealings. Starwood engages in sourcing products and services for all there hotels, this leads them to have business partners with the other other organisations they deal with. It’s for this reason I think Starwood should develop a cooperative orientation between them and their suppliers. Starwood would rely on their suppliers to keep up the high standards they like to keep. For Starwood to maintain smooth running of their operations they must create a cooperative operation between them and their suppliers. It is important for…show more content…
Provision of products that are of high quality, enables an organization to develop and maintain customer satisfaction as they are pleased by the products that they purchase. A maintained customer satisfaction consequently enables a company to achieve on every essential aspect in customers known as customer loyalty. This therefore means that the organization is able to develop a market base with which it can conduct forecasts. It is for this reason that Starwood, should ensure that it has made a selection of the supplier that will be able to provide the best quality linens and…show more content…
It would be very important for the company to have business partners who portray that they will continue to be in existence for the far future. Growth of the suppliers would also be an indication they would be able to tackle new requirements in quality that may be required by Starwood in future. Having business partners who portray growth records is essential as it would provide Starwood with the required stability of conducting business. Glenn Wheaton, (2009). Quality of the linens and terrycloth The quality of the materials provided by the suppliers should also be used as an evaluation metric as it would directly affect Starwood. Adherence to the terms and conditions of the specifications of the linens and terrycloth is an aspect that should be considered by the organization when evaluating the performance of the suppliers. Starwood should do away with suppliers that do not provide the required standards of quality in the materials supplied. Conducting business with suppliers that do not meet the required levels of quality would have negative consequences to the organization.
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