Competitive Advantage By Going Green In Hotel Industry Essay

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Dr. Shamita Mohanty
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Management (IBCS), SOA University, Bhubaneswar

Hotel companies can adopt so many green practices as preventative measures to save unnecessary costs. Those practices are like Pollution prevention, wise waste disposal, justified energy consumption and recycling. To name some other popular cost cutting measures for the short-, mid- and long-term are use of compact fluorescent lights for saving energy, reuse of linens which saves water, detergent, energy and greenhouse gases, Low-flow shower systems saving water and energy, use of local products which save transportation costs, installation of green roofs for saving energy, Installation of solar heaters or other renewable energy sources for saving energy and so on. The hospitality industry is grappling with issues of competition, tighter profit margins, discerning guests and reduced disposable income among patrons. In such a scenario, hotels are
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The hotel 's motto is "Environmental consciousness in action." The hotel environment is free of toxic chemicals, and has the largest hotel solar system in the continental U.S. The hotel property’s organic vegetable and fruit garden is used for hotel food services and contributes to local food banks. The result of these green initiatives is observed in the form of great customer satisfaction and delight. Every morning their guests express pleasure at their counters about how well they have slept last night. The managers say one of the reasons is that they don’t use chemical pesticides. The hotel rooms are ecologically fresh, facilitating the human body to relax, so that the guests experience a better sleep than in other hotels that use toxic cleaning chemicals and pesticides, or even in the guest 's own

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