Case Study: Starwood Hotels And Resorts Worldwide Inc.

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The question of ethics appears during all our life. Most of the time ethical-decision moments makes us feel lost and struggle over the question is it right or wrong decision. Turning to corporate ethics almost each company could be faced with organizational ethics issues.

The purpose of this paper is to examine organizational culture, ethics, values, and styles of the Starwood and Hilton Worldwide corporations. Furthermore, analysis of a case of the Starwood Hotel & Resorts Worldwide Inc. against Hilton Hotels Corporation from a perspective of corporate social responsibility (CSR). Also, provide other leadership theories that potentially could influence the behavior in given situation for a more positive outcome and preventing escalation
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is the world’s largest hotel corporation was established in 1980 as a corporation and which owns, manage hotels, resorts, residences and ownership properties with 11 owned brands. The mission statement is simple "Consistently exceed our guests ' expectations in terms of the products and services we provide to our business and leisure travelers" (Starwood 2016). The values of Starwood “Go the Extra Step by taking actions that build lasting connections and loyalty. Play as a Team by working globally and across all teams in the company. Do the Right Thing by using good judgment, respecting our communities, associates, owners, partners and the environment” (Starwood 2016). The major goal is to create a company where people willing to work and provide wonderful guest experiences, as well as grand returns to stakeholders and namely there, are growing, strong and stable world 's largest hotel corporation. Such strategic and corporate goals contributed to growth and…show more content…
It was stolen over 100 000 electronic and hard copy files that contained highly confidential and proprietary Starwood information and trade sectors. These materials included such information: Starwood 's forward-looking strategic development plan; Starwood 's principal term prioritization worksheets; Starwood 's property improvement plan; Starwood 's confidential computer files; recent presentations to Starwood 's executive leadership team; Starwood 's site-specific project approval requests; confidential and proprietary marketing and demographic studies; Starwood 's W residential guidelines 2008; Starwood 's W Hotel "Brand in a Box" modules and training materials; Starwood 's W advisory board presentation; Starwood 's luxury brand group "Brand Bibles", brand handbooks, brand immersion materials, and brand marketing plans; etc. (Case

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