State Champs Short Story

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Well there we were we had one more team to beat to get the state champs title. I 'm the Oakland thunder 's half back and i 'm a line backer. I 'm 16, and 210 lbs i can hit. We just got here and i lead the warm ups we were doing hitting drills at that point, that 's when things went bad we all hear a snap and we all crowd around our quarterback. John and me carry him to the ambulance they had to take him to the hospital, it turns out he broke his femur because one of our lineman fell on him. Coach was then trying to find a replacement because our backup was out because he crashed his ATV. I knew i was the only person on our team that had played quarterback but that was four years ago. I stepped up we put our backup running back in he was a good…show more content…
I went and covered their tight end and the ball went to tom and he ran right by me and i grabbed his jersey and our end came by and hit him as hard as he could. He went out of bounds and he broke a table that their water was on. On the next play he passed it over our blitz and the receiver caught it and he ran all the way to the house touchdown. On the kick off i returned it to the 40 yard line. On the first play we did an option and i took it and ran all the way in the end zone. We have the best comeback team in the state and that 's what we were showing off. I returned it to the 20 yard line with only 10 seconds left i ran it all the way into the end zone but i went down right around the line and we couldn 't tell if it was a touchdown. We had one second and we snapped it and they did an all team blitz i had johnny toss it to me touchdown we had won the crowd roared. I looked around there were flags we had not been set long enough. That brought the ball back with .07 seconds and we snapped it john took my spot and snapped me the ball i was stuck there was no hole to run through so john pushed me in the process of being crushed i fell backwards. We lost. We went and did the usual thing after and in the huddle everyone was mad that i didn
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