State Convention Persuasive Speech

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Have you ever been to State Convention or ever wanted to go there? Wondered what it was like up? How many people are gonna be there and how many you may know from other contest you did with them? Number of people getting their proficiency award or State/American Degree? I came to school Wednesday Morning at 7:30 with my bags to go to State Convention. We left the school that morning and was trying to fit everyone 's duffel bags in the seats on the bus. After we all got seat aided we left and headed to Columbia Missouri but we made a couple stops before arriving at the hotel for State Convention. Everyone we out for breakfast at Cracker Barrel then after we got done eating breakfast we went out to the Science Center. After we all had a…show more content…
Beth and I had to gotten ready for our livestock contest and drove to a Horse/Cattle Auction Building so that we could look at the cattle. People who didn’t make it had to wear their official dress to the state convention building while others were finishing contests. After Our livestock contest we had to go to the hotel and change into our official dress so that I could get my proficiency award on stage. We also had some free time during to visit some of the Agricultural Stations and apply for a chance to win a new Chevrolet Truck 4x4. Later that night we didn’t get back to the hotel room until like 7:30 p.m. Then we had 4 guys in FFA that were from different schools which was our neighbors that were over after the state Convention Proficiency awards!! We left in the morning to go back to the State Convention building to see people who made State or American Degrees that morning. I was able to see the placing for livestock contest we did! When Beth and I found our placing it wasn 't very good but that was cause we got disqualified because we had to leave early. On the last night that we stayed there we all throw money together to get some Domino 's Pizza. The deliver boy came to our room and when he left our next door neighbor’s called us and was telling all of us that they were from Taco
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