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Why State Farm was so successful in using humor: State Farm has been known as one of the best insurance companies in the United States for a while know. To keep ahead of the competition, State Farm has been creating unique, funny advertisements. Each humorous advertisement State Farm creates lures a different type of customer in based on many target audiences the company goes after. Four very well known commercials of State Farm are the use of Saturday Night Live “Coneheads” characters, the “Hoopers”, Jake from State Farm, and the newest one Jake from State Farm “Emoji” edition. When State Farm started to use the Conehead characters in their commercials, the company was targeting older generation customers who grew up watching Saturday Night Live. The Coneheads was a Saturday Night Live part of the show that debuted in 1977. State Farm brilliantly found a way to grab the attention of potential older customer by reconnecting them to something they watched in their past. By bringing make memories of the show, people who watched this State…show more content…
The “Jake from State Farm” was one of the first extremely successful comical commercials an insurance company has ever made. A husband at 3a.m. is talking on the phone to someone about insurance and his wife catches him on the phone. The wife doesn’t believe the husband that he’s talking to a man named “Jake” and thinks the husband is cheating on her. She gets on the phone and asks Jake what he’s wearing and it shows man in the office at 3a.m. and he responds “Ughh khaki’s”. This commercial was one of the most popular commercials of all time based on how an insurance company could somehow sell their product in a funny way and also shows that State Farm works at all the hours of the day to benefit their customers. When you think of insurance it sounds like a very boring and dry subject but this commercial made State Farm not be boring in the viewer

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