State Income Tax Benefits

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State Income Tax
Could be Beneficial to Texas Of the fifty-two states in the United States of America, forty-three states elect to utilize a state income tax, which is a tax on the income of individuals. Each state has a widely different range of tax levels that differ from state to state. This means that there are nine other states who either choose to opt out completely or obtain virtually no state income tax, Texas being one of the nine. Although I do not consider this the best decision in the interest of our state. I believe that Texas, like majority of the other states in the United States, should take a step foward in embracing a state income tax.
Because Texas currently chooses not to participate in a state income tax, the state has
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Regressive taxes are taxes that are the same for all individuals, regardless of income or other monetary values. Examples of such taxes would be gas, food, and other consumer goods. Taxes of these kind are known to reflect greater grievances to the poor than wealthier individuals. A better form of taxation that better benefits low-income individuals are known as progressive taxes. A progressive tax is a tax that is based on income which is why it is considered more favorable for the poor. An example of a progressive tax is, of course, a personal state income tax. Therefore states that choose not to make use of an income tax cause an unreasonably large hardship on poorer individuals and families. One could also argue that because of this strain there is a greater need for state welfare because of the high unemployment and poverty rates, which could possibly be slightly lessened. Although a higher than average burden being placed on the poor is an important issue, I believe that the most important issue that needs to be addressed is the underfunding of public schools, especially in Texas. As discussed above, because the state does not get to reap the benefits of revenue brought in by an income tax, property and sales taxes remain almost at an all-time high in the majority of every state that lacks an income tax.…show more content…
The first being that an individual is pro-income tax because they feel that the government should be heavily and actively involved in societal matters which comes mostly from a democratic outlook. From this point of view a person would be in favor of the redistribution tax system that allows money to be redistributed from the wealthy to the poor. Secondly is the opposition to an income tax, more often than not this is a republican supported idea. Most commonly individuals that protest the tax believe the exact opposite of most republican ideologies, that the government should stay out of such matters in society and let things play out how they may. Lastly, and the final category, is that the person is uninterested either way. This individual is likely to play a very narrow role in politics, if any at
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