State Of Madness In Hamlet

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Hamlet Essay
Throughout Shakespeare 's play, Hamlet, multiple characters descend into a state of madness. Many hindrances and traumatic experiences cause Hamlet to reach this state of unbalanced psyche. This inner turmoil drives Hamlet to action and lets him make sense of his emotions. No longer caring to maintain the social norms, Hamlet is able to follow his true desires and enact them. Therefore, he becomes progressively outspoken as the story continues. Emily Dickinson stated “Much madness is divinest Sense-/ To a discerning Eye-.” In this, Dickinson conveys her concept that those that are mad are just showing their purest selves and are revealing the truths of their surroundings that someone sane would not perceive. This means that in Hamlet’s state of madness he is able to overlook what the normal eye sees and think past normalities. Therefore this is a way that a state of madness can relate a sense of divinity or evangel intuition. Within Dickinson 's quote the
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Throughout the story Hamlet has conflicting views on death and the act of suicide. During the monologue in act three Hamlet is able to construct a relatable view on depression. Many would view Hamlet’s speech as delusional and melodramatic, but it hides a meaning that most can relate to. “To be, or not to be” (3.1.57) asks a greater question than “should i die or should i live.” Within Hamlet’s monologue he asks the question of “should I go forth with my actions or live with complacency.” This is an example of Hamlet realizing an important, deeper meaning of life through his delusional state while normal people would overlook the question because it is not the norm. Due to his madness Hamlet is able to visualize a deeper meaning of existence while regular people would not question anything and go along with the usual aspects of life. The reader is able to see a sort of “evangelical” sense from him because he is able to sum up on of the most frequently asked questions into a simple

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