State Owned Hotels Case Study

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In international conventions,States Owned Hotels means the federal government invest or involved in controlling the enterprise,however in China,State Owned Hotels also include the enterprises which are controlled by the local government.In terms of simple,State Owned Hotels are the hotels which the ownership owned by country,and authorized by the state departments of local government on the management.The developing ways of State Owned Hotels in China are following good chances,also facing big challenges.With the rapidly increasing of the number of hotels around China,the competition is becoming more and more intense.State Owned Hotels are ruling the industry, occupied more than 45.7% of all hotels in China.(CNTA, 2007) What
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Which occupied almost half of all hotel industries in China at that time,generally speaking,during this 30 years foreign investment in star hotels only account for less then 5% of the hotel investment market in China,however the main part of hotel industry in China has been change to real estate development industry and international hotel management company brand,our local luxury become increasingly marginalized.At the end of 2011,foreign investment occupied 4.22%,and at the end of 2012 foreign investment accounted for 4.13% .(China Hotel Management Present Situation And Development Trend in the Future,n.d) According to the statistic of 2012,the development of State Owned hotels was unbalanced,east part of China had obviously advantages,and all the indexes of the 50 main cities in the top ten city is Shanghai, Sanya , Guangzhou,Nanjing and other cities in the…show more content…
Establish Useful Reward Systems
Establish a good reward systems is one of the good ways to motivate and transfer worker`s creativity and initiative.Hotel industry should improve the quality of service level and reception capacity and other facilities,meanwhile give the employees enough bonus if they did a good job,like extra work give employee suitable bonus.

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