State Trooper: A Risky But Rewarding Career

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Being a State Trooper is a risky but rewarding job. State Trooper duties vary from many different jobs. They enforce all applicable state laws and provide security at the State Police Headquarters Complex while also providing security at the State Capitols. State Troopers provide crowd control during big events and provide dignitary protection. There are serval skills you need to have to succeed as a State Trooper and their are personality characteristics that are essential in this career. One big aspect you need to have if you are trying to become a State Trooper is to have a good moral character. You must undergo a physical agility evaluation, including a drug screen also pass an extensive background investigation, including a polygraph examination . The state trooper salary starts at thirty five thousand six hundred while attending training at the academy. After one
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A trooper is capable of making about one hundred and thirty thousand if he or she is stationed in the right area. There are a few different ways to become qualified to be a State Trooper. One must complete the Field Training Program or have at least two years of experience as a Peace Officer Standards and Training to become qualified. Also other options to become qualified are to a minimum of sixty hours in college or have three years of continuous active military duty in the United States Military. You must at least one of these trainings or educations to become a trooper but the best place to get the training is at the Peace Officer Standards and Training. There is no license required to become a trooper just the training or the education. A State Trooper will always be needed to enforce the law and keep the public

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