State V. Steele Case Study

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For my research on how the contextual themes concepts can result in criminal justice malfeasance I selected the case of State v. Steele, 138 Ohio St.3d 1, 2013-Ohio-2470. This case involved police officer Julian Steele of the Cincinnati, Ohio police department and his indictment on ten counts of police misconduct, including abduction, intimidation, extortion, rape, and sexual battery. Officer Steele abused his legal power to interrogate, arrest and detain a witness by knowingly filing a materially false complaint in order to influence or intimidate a witness; and abducting her minor child from school with the intent of charging the minor child with a robbery felony ” (State v. Steele, 138 Ohio St.3d 1, 2013-Ohio-2470). Due to the nature of this case and its involvement of the minor children involved, the court documents refer to the subjects by initials only. While Steele was investigating multiple robberies that occurred in the same vicinity a witness provided information of a vehicle that was possibly associated…show more content…
Based on the reasoning of the caliber of Officer Steele’s moral standards as applied to his civic duties, administration could have prevented this situation by not hiring someone possessing traits that might indicate such unethical behavior. Steele should have been held accountable by the department’s administration for withholding information from the prosecutor regarding the detainment of R.M. while in detention. The lack of team- policing would have restricted Steele’s opportunity to abuse the powers governed to him as a law

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