Complaint Management Case Study

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Position statement of Whitetown Hospital (WH) on the complaint management

A complain is an expression of dissatisfaction with a service offered or provided, or a concern that provides feedback regarding some aspects of health service that identifies issues requiring a response (NSW Health 2006). At WH managing complaints is the responsibility of everyone; we strive to always provide care that is safe and effective. Complaint Management (CM) is a systematic process of dealing with a complaint in accordance with assessing the severity of complains, investigating the complains, and resolving the complaints (NSW Health 2006). Patient complaint provides a valuable source of information for monitoring patient safety and improving the quality of
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General Manager (GM) of Whitetown Hospital is responsible, and is the conduit for the comments, complaints and compliments from the patients and their respected families. Patient and families complaints are received through verbal, in person, telephone, email or in writing. The complaints are registered, acknowledged, assessed, investigated and the responses are sent.

Administrative and investigation
The GM is responsible for coordinating the investigation with the help of clinicians. The resolution of the formal complaint is carried out by conducting risk assessment, maintaining a register for complaint and other feedback.
Note: Severity Assessment Code is used for assessing the risk
If sever complaints it is handled by external means, the matter is then discussed with executive board. If not then reports are forwarded for further resolution.
Time frames
Formal acknowledgment is provided in written or in person with 48 hours.
Formal complaint is investigated assessed and resolved with 7-30 working
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Reinforcing and assuring patient. Use of interpreters. Informing about the medication. Documentation and reporting. Reassurance for the patience to gain confidence back. Residents, interns, nurse practitioners, specialist nurses for clinical education, registered nurse , enrolled nurses, pharmacist, speech pathologists Standard 2 Partnering with consumers.

Standard 4 Medication safety

3.Professional Conduct General Manager,
Nurse unite manager Attention to patients, informing nursing professional code of conduct (not talking on phone while in hospital premise without prior permission).
Responsible clinician for clinical handovers Registered nurses, enrolled nurses Standard 1 Governance for safety and quality in health service organisation
4. Records Nurse unite manager
Note to :

(Senior consultants) Review discharge plan , referral plan , medication records Residents, Interns, nurse practitioners, specialist nurses for clinical education, registered nurse , enrolled nurses Standard 6 Clinical handover
5. Others Clinical assistants manager Lost items and Recovery Clinical and hospital assistants, ward housekeeping

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