Statement Of Passion For Mathematics

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Opting for actuarial sciences has to do with m unprecedented love for math. Mathematics has fascinated me since as long as I can remember. In fact, the passion and interest for maths and numbers was innate in me.

Maths, unlike any other subject, challenges one 's mental abilities and encourages a person to apply the same, or similar, concepts in multiple scenarios to uncover solutions to various problems. Therefore, maths is more of a mind game. This has been one of the many reasons for my ever-augmenting interest in the subject. My passion for playing with numbers led me into competitions, allowing me to use my mathematical skills in areas independence of academics. In an inter-house Math Olympiad held at school, I, along with three of peers, saw my house being crowned triumphant and myself being awarded with a gold medal. Along with this, I took part in the Kangaroo Maths Competition and my passion for maths led me into becoming a part of the World Math Day contest twice, once in the eighth grade and the second during my A1 year.

Ever since getting acquainted with the subject, I had long as to the application of mathematical concepts in the actual world. and I eventually found the answer to it in statistics. Take the concept of probability, for instance, which can be incorporated in something as simple as tossing a coin, where the probability of obtaining either, a head or a tail, is the same.

Being a key element of mathematics, statistics helped to further my
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