Statement Of Purpose: A Career As A Chiropractor

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Introduction Chiropractor is a health care professional focused on helping and treating people that need adjustment or manipulation of the spine. Some duties and skills they have to do is make adjustments to the spine, make sure the functioning of the neuromuscular skeletal system is right, some of the skills you have to have is listening, speaking, critical thinking etc. This job is mainly a solo group of practice, you work in a clean office setting where you can be standing for long periods of time, and you help patients that need help with their spine, neck all over the body. Why Chiropractor I am choosing this career so I can help someone so that they will feel better after they see us. Why I’m interested in doing this is because…show more content…
It offers a 1 year certificate of associate’s degree, and bachelor’s degree are offered here. The first advantage would be that there wouldn’t be a lot of students at the school. The 2 advantage would be that you could, you get help with your studies and be able to see Chattanooga. Some disadvantages would be that their might not be as many teachers to help with your studies and the second would be living where there would be a lot of distractions around you. Palmer College of Chiropractic- Wages You will start of making 88,034. You will make in Tennessee between 88,034-212,795 a year. Personal qualities and abilities needed for success in this career. 3 important qualities and abilities you need is that you can focus on the patient, have good manual coordination, and can make people feel at ease. These are all great things to you need to become a great chiropractor because you need to make people feel safe and have good control so you won’t hurt anyone. I would be a good fit because I can focus really well, and I can make people feel safe when their around

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