Statement Of Purpose: A Career As A Nurse Anesthesiologist

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Do you ever think you may most likely know more about where the thing are in your grocery store than about your body? Knowing how little the population knows about the human body, diseases, or medicine are one of the few things that interest me about this profession. Therefore my wanting to learn more about the basic knowledge of the body more specifically the brain and informing more people about it are what interests me about the medical field.
My Concern with the lack of knowledge people obtain about the body. Many Americans believe that the doctor is only important if you are hurt or are seriously ill. With many people having this mindset, it causes a gap of unknown knowledge. For example, I asked a few of my coworkers how often they saw a physician five of seven said only if they were ill. The other two see an endocrinologist and Physician for a checkup to insure nothing else goes wrong with their body.This is part of the knowledge gap. Also many people seem to know little to nothing about the different career opportunities available in medical facilities.
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I have always wanted to be some type of nurse, but I didn’t want to be a registered nurse. Not that registered nurses are not important, it just seemed simple I wanted to do something more complex. Being a anesthesiologist is an great idea for me because the brain was always an interesting topic to me. With following this career I could still get to see surgeon 's work on brain. I also have other good qualities need in this field; being observation, good communication skills, calm under pressure, good listener.
There are many things that interest me about the medical field, but these two are the main reason for my

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