Statement Of Purpose: A Career In Sports Physicians

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I chose careers in fitness because I want to have a career in fitness myself. The career in fitness I chose and want to peruse in is sports physician. It is a great job to have because sports physicians have a lot of travel opportunities with the sports team they work with. Sport physicians must be wherever the game is to assist the players. Athletes going to college at the professional level will frequently travel around the world. Physicians will often work with star athletes. Although it is exciting, you must remain confident and focused. In pro sports, the sports medicine specialist is working with a particularly demanding clientele. This specialization is also a high risk, high expense area for athletes and career threatening injuries. The sports medicine specialist may be responsible for the career prospects of a star athlete from injury stage to recovery. It 's a true high-pressure job; with very high demands placed on the sports medicine specialize. Sport physicians can be either primary…show more content…
Through 2004, there were 200,000 injury reports filed when an athlete misses a day or more of practice or competition, which works out to about 12,500 injuries per year. That’s a lot of patient interviews everyday. Some sports physicians will do countless physical examinations everyday, and also try to obtain the patients medical history as well to help them to try and figure out if that injury was preventable or it was just an accident. Sports physician need to get a Bachelors degree, doctor of medicine. Typically physicians have primary specialization in either orthopedic surgery or primary care with subspecialty in sports medicine. Clinical rotations allow students to take electives in one of these special areas. After completing a residency, a physician can apply for a sports medicine fellowship program, which is typically a one-year
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