Statement Of Purpose For Civil Engineering

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Vasani Parth Ghanshyambhai
13th January, 2017
Statement of Purpose
I am a keen and ambitious undergraduate student with a desire to pursue a master’s degree in the field of Civil Engineering, a field that has tremendous scope for development. I always planned and executed my life towards determined goals. I worked towards and secured admission for an undergraduate program in civil engineering in Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, Gujarat which is rated one among the best engineering college in India. During my undergraduate career, I have gained knowledge and experience in the laboratory, in the classroom, and in practice. I sincerely believe that graduation at Windsor University will be an ideal step in this direction. My fascination towards Civil Engineering began at an early age when I saw construction of some unique structure in front of me. I always tried to the best of my ability to pursue my interests and this resolute passion propelled me to choose Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry as major subjects in high school as I knew that they were my forte. This interest developed into a determination to study the subject deeply and contribute to original research in the field which led to me selecting Civil Engineering as my core field for my undergraduate studies.

It was the field of Construction Management which particularly captured my interest. The desire to explore deeper into this subject influenced me to take elective courses in Cement and concrete
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