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STATEMENT OF PURPOSE Ever since my childhood, technology always had my attention. I was very curious to know how the machines and gadgets around me work. Particularly computers elevated my curiosity and made me wonder how they work. The ease with which a computer can solve problems which are impossible by humans with that speed, saving our precious time even though it is invented by a human amaze me. Then I have decided to become an engineer where my work helps to reduce the human effort in any form. From there, my steps to be an engineer were very clear and straight forward. Now successfully I am an engineer who completed under graduation from Narayana Engineering College, a premier institute accredited by Jawaharlal Nehru Technological…show more content…
The first time I started using it was when my father bought a Personal Computer. My passion toward computers has increased ever since. From then working on computer, Fixing problems in my system and my friend’s became my personal work and serious hobby. Later when I was introduced to ‘Internet’, downloading free software’s, installing, testing and trying them was my biggest joy. This enthusiasm on computer triggered my heart to work in the field related to computers. Unfortunately, I had to do my under grad in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. But it never reduced my passion towards computers. Electrical and Electronics has also fascinated me. During the projects I have done in my academics, the interest towards the computers compelled me to merge both fields by programming the code and run it through the microprocessors. And the use of MATLAB, PSPICE got me more enthused. It actually increased my zeal to work more, to integrate and combine both fields for greater good During my Undergraduate course in the Department of Electrical and Electronics I have consistently scored above 70 %, which is a matter of great deal for me, as very few students have achieved this from my department. I believe that I would be a suitable applicant for Research work in the university since I’ve always been inclined towards practical tasks and the everlasting quest to learn…show more content…
This is also a chance for my thoughts of integrating Electrical Electronics with computers. During my Under Graduation I was familiarized with the concepts of Microprocessors, Integrated Circuits, Digital Electronics and Logic Design which are applied in the field of computer science. I developed an immediate liking to these courses and pursued them very seriously. The course on Microprocessors covered details on the architecture of 8085, 8086, 8259 and other related microprocessors. The course on Digital Electronics and Logic Design covered in-depth concepts about the design of digital systems which is an integral part of computer science technology. Having learnt in detail about computer hardware through these subjects, I started to supplement this knowledge with some awareness of the software languages in vague. This is supported by the fact that I have completed certified courses in C++,

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