Statement Of Purpose For Mathematics Education

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Sindhuja Suroju
January 20, 2016
Learning is a continuous process in life which requires high level of dedication and commitment. My father, who is now a chief engineer of a power plant, has been saying this proverb from my childhood. I was able to inculcate the real essence behind the saying and followed it from my schooling. Machines have always fascinated me, right from gears to highly sophisticated ones. I was introduced to the world of electrical and electronics at the age of 11 when I curiously broke open an electric cooler to see what is inside it. After seeing, my curiosity only grew to make me wonder how the motor inside it helped the fan to rotate. Though I couldn’t understand much about it, I was thrilled when my father explained me how the motor worked and how a small motor is capable of doing very big things. That day forth my fascination towards machinery and my tendency to know how it works affected every carrier decision I made.
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I actively participated in sports, cultural and academic activities. Apart from the inter school activities, I actively participated in a regional level social science exhibition which helped in my all round development. Right from my childhood I had a tendency towards Mathematics, Science and English in general. This basic interest led me to take Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry as my major subjects in high school at Narayana Junior College. And my passion toward world of electrical and electronics led me to my decision to opt for Electrical and Electronics Engineering at CVR College of engineering, JNTU, one of the reputed universities in the our
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