Statement Of Purpose For Mechanical Engineering

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Accounting right from the design of the diminutive screw and gears in a wrist watch, going through the acclaimed steam engines and straight up to the auspicious and gigantic Hadron collider, Mechanical engineering has not only astounded the world with incredible achievements but also galvanized me in the same discipline. In this modern world, each second is accompanied by the advancement of technology, and definitely we can witness no sign of deterring. In my perspective, Mechanical engineering not only assists in constructing marvels but also work for the betterment of the society.

Having been born and brought up in the family of businessman and among the community of philanthropists and social entrepreneurs, my acts are deemed of being widely advantageous, rather than limiting its advantage to myself. I have great attraction in mechanical field since I was child. I always wondered about the mechanisms and the fundamental principles found in the science of nature in childhood. I used to read a various scientific magazine which played a major role in developing my interest in science and made me questing things, made me curious about the mysteries of science. After completing my higher secondary school, I joined my undergraduate study in Mechanical Engineering at B.H.Gardi College of Engineering and Technology. At this college, I also discovered the intellectual satisfaction of solving difficult problems on my own. When I was in sophomore year, I

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