Statement Of Purpose: Fresh Start

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Have you ever made a decision you just dreaded but you knew it would benefit you in the end? When you make a decision that’s right for you are most likely to succeed. When school started I was faced with a decision to make. I had to choose to go to alternative school or go to traditional school. And I ended up going to traditional school because I didn’t want to leave because I enjoyed going to traditional school. But a few weeks after school started I was called to guidance to talk with my guidance counselor. And when I got there she didn’t sugar code nothing she came straight out and said I wasn’t going to graduate because I didn’t have enough credits, couldn’t pass the EOC or FCAT and I had really poor GPA. So with that being said I made the decision to go to an alternative school named Fresh Start.…show more content…
My guidance counselor told me I had 14.5 credits and I needed 17 to be considered a senior. And so I knew what I had to do. I didn’t want to but I knew it would benefit me in the end. On top of me not having enough credits you need 24 credits to graduate and I don’t have nearly as many I need to reassure myself that I will graduate on time. And going to Fresh Start I knew I would be able to get all my credits that I needed. Because the program I’m doing gives you the work you actually need to complete and not a bunch of extra stuff. And every credit
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